Tips For Your Sellers 1


  • Organize & Declutter
    • Eliminate unnecessary items.
    • Put everything in it’s place & keep it there.
    • Get bins from The Dollar Store to ensure everything is kept organized. Get rid of items you are not using. Why move them to your next home?!
    • Kitchen Counters DO NOT need every item you could possibly use on them. A coffee maker, a nice plant & pretty bowl with fruit should be the ONLY things on your counters. OK, if you have a really large kitchen, you can have 5 items, but no more!
  • Show Off The Spaciousness
    • Pack up your off-season wardrobe to show off your large closets.
    • Remove EVERYTHING off the closet floors and add a light to the closet if there isn’t one there.
    • Remove unnecessary furniture & pull the remaining furniture AWAY from your walls. This will actually make your room look bigger & create a more intimate conversation area.
  • De-Personalize
    • Take every family picture off of the walls & tables.
    • If you have a specific collection of items, pack those away. As much as you may love the Medieval era, most people aren’t into chainmail and swords.
    • One of the biggest mistakes we see is hanging pictures too high. Pictures should be hung so that an average height person’s eyes are at the center of the picture. Lebron James probably doesn’t visit your house too often, so bring them down to eye level! And make sure the picture is appropriately sized for the wall. It’s better to have 1 large picture on a wall than 5 or 6 small ones. Home Goods is a great place to get inexpensive art.
  • Cleanliness Really Is Next To Godliness
    • This one is a no brainer, but having your home clean is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!
    • Kitchens & Bathrooms are vitally important to be clean. Scrub every surface, clean the grout & make it sparkle.
    • If you have carpet, have it cleaned & stains removed. If you have wood floors that are looking dull, consider having them refinished.