A Matter Of Taste

When it comes to our homes we all have our own style and elements that are unique to our families. An individual’s taste in décor is personal to them and that is what makes it feel like home.

Everyone has their own aesthetic and it may not appeal to someone else’s taste. For instance, Jessica’s décor could be viewed, as contemporary French Country mixed with Coastal, but that wouldn’t explain why there is a picture of a frog in her bathroom. That is a personal story that goes back to when she was dating her husband.

Susie’s décor is an eclectic mix of shabby chic, antiques and bling. She also loves to have an element of humor in her decor so as to not take design or life too seriously. This comes from one of her favorite quotes, “You only live once, you might as well be amusing”, Coco Chanel.

When our clients prepare to move out of their homes, it becomes no longer about their taste. In this market, with the mortgage rates so low and a lot of communities seeing a jump in home sales, we want to have a competitive mindset. The best way to get their home sold quickly and for more money is home staging. The Life Beautifier team specializes in taking out the personal elements out of their home and making it more appealing to everyone, therefore selling faster and for more money!