How much does Home Staging cost?

We often get asked, “How much does Home Staging cost?”. Well, the simple answer is that home staging can fit into any budget. Think about it as if you were remodeling your kitchen. Your budget will demand what you can and cannot do. Can you get the gorgeous marble or do you need to get a lower cost granite? The marble would be extraordinarily beautiful, but the granite is lovely too.

Home Staging costs really depend upon the home and the budget of the homeowner. When Life Beautifier comes in to do a free consult, we do a walkthrough of the property, both inside and out, we take pictures and talk to the realtor and/or homeowner about what they feel is needed. We then put an in depth proposal together on what our recommendations are, how much each item costs so that the realtor and homeowner can look through the menu of recommended services to decide what they feel would be best.

We will often recommend other improvements to be made, not just staging. We have a wonderful group of craftsmen that we work with that can do landscaping, painting, etc. And many times we will include some estimates for updating lighting, ceiling fans, entry doors, and so on. Our goal is to help make the home market ready so that it sells quickly and at a higher price.

And Home Staging isn’t just for high end homes. This week we finished both a $200,000 home and a $2.4 million dollar home, both pictured above. Our Life Beautifier team will make every home tell a beautiful story to your potential buyers!