January 2015…

I can’t stand the snow in Ohio! We need to move to our home in Florida ASAP. How do we make this happen??

February 2015…

I leave my corporate job & start my own business in beautiful, sunny Florida! I could never have guessed that we would be where we are right now. And I owe a much of this to Jessica Zyak, my partner in crime, and to all of you, who have been willing to talk with us, work with us & partner with us.

April 2015…

Our first staging opportunity was given to us from Dave Shinnebarger, Berkshire Hathaway. This is when we made the decision to buy all of our own inventory, instead of renting it. This investment in our future has paid off as we now own about $100,000 in inventory that is being staged in homes all over Martin County. And this investment will enable us to decrease our pricing in 2016!

May 2015…

Network, Network, Network

We cannot underestimate the power of networking with all of you!

June 2015…

A couple more home redesigns and we found out, thanks to Arati Hammond, ReMax of Stuart, that home decluttering, cleanout & organization is hard work, but very fulfilling & a great service to our clients!

July 2015…

Our first multi-million dollar listing, thanks to Steve Ngo, Premier Realty. What a gorgeous home & absolutely delightful time! Also, our new website was launched!

August 2015…

We have our own space for offices & inventory! YAY! Our condo is not busting at the seams anymore! We staged our first home in Port St. Lucie for a local flipper & it sold in 14 days! Then we moved the inventory to another one of his homes, also in Port St. Lucie, listed by Sindi Pender, Pender-White Properties.

September 2015…

We are officially trademarked in all of the United States as Life Beautifier. This is our first big step leading towards our franchise plan! We also had the opportunity to stage a beautiful condo in Indian River Plantation thanks to Steve Dutcher, Illustrated Properties. Also, we got our first home in the exclusive Sewall’s Point, courtesy of Leon Abood, Premier Realty Group. Lastly, we were able to stage our first home in the Evergreen Club for Alexa Silva, Keller Williams.

October 2015…

Thanks to the Horsepower Team at Berkshire Hathaway, we now can say we have staged a 3.69 million dollar home with it’s own gorgeous yacht! We also staged our first home in Club Med on the referral of Kathi Chiarolanzio, ReMax of Stuart.

November 2015…

This was an exciting month. We got a call from Stefani Hughes, Berkshire Hathaway, to help stage some homes for an HGTV show that would be filming in the area in December! What a fantastic opportunity for us!

December 2015…

The 1st week of December was CRAZY as we staged 3 homes for HGTV, working with their production company, the home owners & their realtors. It was exhausting, but so much fun!! We also enter yet another new area for us, Hammock Creek, thanks to Andy Spears, Keller Williams. And finally, last but not least, we will be working on a home with Deb Duvall, Water Pointe Realty!


So, to break our year down in song…


12 Amazing Realtors

11 Brand New Sofas

1012 Jensen Beach Blvd is Our Office

9 Months of Staging

8 Homes in Stuart

7 Real Estate Firms

6 Homes in Palm City

5 OUTSTANDING BIDS (Get those booked!)

4 Homes in Port St. Lucie

3.69 Million Dollar Home for Sale

2 Tired Stagers

1 HGTV Show!!!!!

Viva Una Bella Vita (Live A Beautiful Life)! Susie & Jessica